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the ice box


Good friends and Good times!

Our story started in early November 2017. We were looking at pictures from a young cousin's birthday party and commented on how all the kids had blue tongues from the slushes served at the party venue. We asked the pivotal question: Can't we make a better slush? One without artificial dyes and high fructose corn syrup. Our answer was: Of course, we can! So began the journey into the world of frozen treats.

Nutrition, already a major factor in our lives, became even more important when Caiden, son and nephew, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in September 2017. Devastated, overwhelmed and quickly adjusting to the new normal, nutrition became the weapon we could handle in the battle against cancer. It wasn't only Caiden's life we were fighting for, it was kids everywhere who are exposed to harmful ingredients masked in sugary sweetness. Sugar, we found out, feeds cancer cells! Artificial dyes are linked to  many adversities in the body. How can we strike a balance with nutritional wellness and treats that delight children and are tied to so many fond memories of childhood. This became our second challenge.

We decided to make our own Italian Ice and gelato ice cream, controlling the ingredients and the amount and quality of sweetener used. The month before the diagnosis, we had a wonderful family vacation in Spain and enjoyed late night treats of gelato and sorbetto. Those were memories we wanted to savor during the difficult days of treatment. We also found escape and pleasure in researching how to make Italian Ice, planning how we would sell it, deciding on a name; many days in the hospital were filled with designing and dreaming.

We found a 1961 Fireball trailer and began repurposing it into The Ice Box. We named our Ice and Gelato after our great-grandmother, Mary Rosella, and called it Rosella's Italian Ice. We think she would be proud!

Caiden had a below-knee amputation to get rid of the tumor, endured months of chemotherapy and continues to get clear scans and grow as a typical 11 year old boy! This journey has brought countless blessings into our lives that we would never have known otherwise. We are humbled by the goodness all around us. We hope to share that goodness one cone at a time!! Come see us! 


It's what's on the inside that counts

The repurposing of our 1961 Fireball trailer will soon be documented here. Check back to see the transformation.

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